The day has come! The game is available!

Dear friends! This day has arrived, the game is available to everyone!

Highly Likely is our first but, hopefully, not last project. From the first days of working on the project, it was very important for us that the players enjoyed the game, so we approached the matter with great responsibility and enthusiasm. We have worked and continue working tirelessly!

We are excited, we worry and believe, and also sincerely hope that you have met the game with interest and appreciate our efforts, as well as share with us all those emotions that overwhelm us.

We will be grateful if you kindly agree to share your impression of the game with us. Your opinion will be invaluable support for us. Feedback or a personal assessment, no matter how critical they may be, will allow us to look into the future with confidence, will inspire further fruitful work.

We would like to say a few words about the delayed release.

First of all, our game is a story with a fascinating and rich tragicomic plot divided into acts. It is planned that the game will consist of 6 acts. Initially, our plan was to release 4 acts as the base game, and then continue working on the acts 5 and 6, which would be released simultaneously a few months later as a DLC. But, after some thought, we decided not to divide the game, but to release all the 6 acts at once. We hat to decide if we should postpone the release of the game or release the game into early access with 4 acts, and continue working on the remaining acts after that. You already know our decision!

IMPORTANT!!! Dear players, we want to be honest with you from the very first day, so read this information carefully!

We really want you to have only positive emotions from the game process, but, like in any game, especially one which is still in the process of its creation, there are still a lot of bugs in our game that we work on daily, but our team consists of only nine people, and it’s unlikely that we can do everything quickly, and in this regard we are counting on your patience and understanding.

By the way, you can report the bugs you find in the game HERE

On the other hand, if you are one of those who, on the contrary, likes to participate in the process of creating or testing games, you want to offer your ideas, help with catching bugs, just give advice and share your opinion, then without hesitation purchase the game and welcome to the team! Yes, yes, to the team, and these are not just windy talk, because we will finish the game and release it together!

With deep respect to you, the Mikola Games team.
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